San Fernando Valley Home Renovation Tips With Biggest Returns

Do you dream of renovating your kitchen, or installing heated floors in your house? If  you are considering a San Fernando Valley home renovation, you should know that not all remodeling jobs provide the same returns. In other words, spending money on remodeling doesn’t always increase the value of your house. Valley Village construction company, Hugs Construction, provides San Fernando Valley home renovation tips with the highest return on investment (ROI) in this article.

Top 5 San Fernando Valley Home Renovation Ideas With Biggest Returns

1. Building a Wood Deck – There are few things more relaxing than a great outdoor space. If you have yard space in your home, consider building a wood deck to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. HGTV’s Front Door claims that “adding a tiny 16 x 20-foot wood deck with a bench, planter and a few steps leading to the yard…for about $11,000” will provide a 72.8 % return. That means that if trying to sell your house after installing the wood deck, you can plan to make an additional $8,008 on top of your current house price if you had spent $11,000 on your deck.

kitchen remodel in San Fernando Valley2. Remodeling Your Kitchen – Upgrading a kitchen provides one of the biggest returns. Remember that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the renovation. For example, instead of purchasing granite countertops, you can opt to purchase laminate, which is much cheaper. Also, skip on custom cabinets, and refinish your existing cabinets with the help of a professional Valley Village construction company. If you plan to live in your house for a long time, consider using an oil-based paint for your cabinets, which provides the longest durability. However, remember that this paint needs a lot of ventilation as it has toxins. If you are trying to avoid toxins, choose a low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. Read more about remodeling your kitchen in our post, Five Tips to a San Fernando Valley Green Kitchen Remodel.

3. Converting an Attic Into a Bedroom – Although the cost for this project is relatively high, about $50,000, Remodeling magazine has found a high ROI on this project, with about a 73% return. Converting an unused space, such as an attic, into usable square space in order to build a bedroom or office is very desirable to buyers. And, if you can have your Valley Village construction company add another bathroom in that space, that will raise your return even more. Just consider the difference to perspective buyers of selling a two-bedroom house with one bathroom versus a three-bedroom house with two bedrooms.

4. Remodeling Your Bathroom – A bathroom is another important key point for a perspective buyer. People prefer to move into a home with new bathroom features. U.S. News & Word Report states that if you’re considering doing a San Fernando Valley home renovation in your bathroom, you will get an average ROI of 62%. “Many homebuyers are looking for a master bathroom with two sinks, custom showers, and great lighting,” the article says. So, while most Valley Village construction remodel experts recommend doing a slight kitchen remodel, when it comes to bathrooms, it’s better to put in more money and work to create a desirable place for buyers.HUGS Construction - San Fernando Valley Construction Company

5. Upgrade Your Front Door – Many times, improving the curb appeal of your house is an inexpensive, but effective way to get a high return on your San Fernando Valley home renovation. Changing the front door is a good first step. “The doorway is very important because it’s the first thing buyers go through to enter the home,” Judy Moore, a suburban Boston real estate agent and a National Association of Realtors board member says in The Street. “If your home’s front door is in bad shape and paint won’t fix it, it makes sense to install a new one.”

Moore recommends installing a steel cement door over a wood one. Steel front doors have many advantages over traditional wood doors. They offer more energy savings than traditional doors because they use a polyurethane foam core and a two-piece thermal break construction which seal in indoor air and keep out outdoor air. Also, these doors last longer as they don’t rot or splinter like wood doors.

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