How to Repair a Collapsed Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA

How to Repair a Collapsed Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA

One of the most expensive repairs to a house in Sherman Oaks, CA is due to a collapsed foundation. There are various reasons why a foundation can collapse, and foundation problems will significantly bring down the value of a property. Fortunately, there are usually ways to fix foundations without having to tear down a home and rebuild it. Read this blog to find out everything you need to know about repairing a collapsed foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Signs of Foundation Problems

As an experienced Sherman Oaks contractor, I always instruct my clients to monitor their homes and look out for any potential issues. There are surefire signs of foundation problems that are evident even to an untrained eye. If you start noticing cracks on your walls, uneven or cracked floors, separation between walls and ceilings, or doors and windows that won’t operate properly, you must likely have foundation damage.

collapsed foundationsCauses of Collapsed Foundations

There are many reasons why a foundation may collapse, but your Sherman Oaks contractor should be able to fix it without a problem. Earthquakes, poor construction, clay soil, landslides, erosion, rotting wood support and improper maintenance of the landscaping around the house can cause shifting of the ground beneath your house, causing the foundation to collapse.

Tips for Repairing a Sherman Oaks Collapsed Foundation

There are different ways a Sherman Oaks contractor can raise a collapsed foundation. The main principle is that the job will be easier if the soil around the house is firm.

1. Dig – You need to dig to create a trench next to the side of the house that is sagging. The trench needs to be large enough to accommodate one or more people that will be standing there in order to fix the problem.

2. Create a New Base – In order to create a new base for the foundation, install a hydraulic jack into the ground as deep as possible, where the soil is firm and rocky. You need to install a jack for every part of the foundation that has collapsed.

3. You can also install a temporary beam, slide a large beam under the building to be on top of the jacks.

4. Be careful to raise all the jacks equally and do not over jack in the parts that need the least amount of lifting.

5. Install caissons or poured foundation and proper structural metal framing connectors to keep the house in the correct position.

A collapsed foundation in Sherman Oaks is not an easy job to fix. Hiring a professional Sherman Oaks contractor will usually cost about $10,000 or more. However, not fixing foundation issues will cause major problems for the structure of your house, and will be a major safety concern.