Our Work

We are committed to long-term customer satisfaction and we stand by each of the construction services we complete for our dedicated customers in the San Fernando area. In fact, many of our client base evolves from the generous customer referrals we receive after a job well done.

Take some time to review the projects we have completed for our customers to see the quality of our work and the capabilities of our Hugs Construction team. If there are projects similar to the one you are considering, let us know when you are ready to get started. If you don’t see the kind of work you need for your home or business, contact us directly to discuss your next project.

Project: Home Upgrade and Remodel

Home Remodeling Result

Renovation of interior and restructuring of walls, ceilings and floor plan.

“Our home was a 1930’s house with small rooms, low ceilings and dark spaces.  We couldn’t afford an architect so we picked Steve’s brain. What an artist!  We totally enjoyed the experience of reconfiguring the space with him—all the way from gutting the inside a little at a time to see how much open space we could tolerate to the final stages of helping us shop for fans, chandeliers and appliances.  Steve raised the ceilings, chose wood beams to create warmth, added a skylight in the dining room and scalloped the door openings with an original design.  Now our home has flow, openness and character.   We have returned to HUGS Construction many times since the remodel.  Now we’re focusing on the exterior—adding decking, fencing, a hot tub, and pond.   The affordability, integrity and creativity of HUGS Construction can’t be beat and has never let us down."

Project:  Addition of Master Bathroom

“HUGS Construction added a master bathroom to our one bath house.  We wanted a “spa like feel” and a touch of luxury.   Steve knocked out a wall to use space from the den, raised the ceiling, and added a transom window for ventilation.  He suggested keeping a vintage window that was already there and making it a one way view that overlooks the garden while you’re taking a shower.  Steve went with us personally to shop for the toilet, bidet, cabinet and light fixtures.  We never would have thought of the chandelier—but it really works!   We highly recommend HUGS Construction If you want an “all in one” contractor who designs and builds, is reasonably priced, and pays attention to every artistic detail.”


Project: Guest House Remodel

Addition of Bathroom and Kitchenette

Guest House Before Remodeling


‘Before HUGS Construction remodeled our guest house, we called it the “chicken coop.”

Guest House During Remodeling


“HUGS Construction completely redesigned the interior and exterior of the building, adding custom windows and wood doors.  Every detail was planned carefully for a functioning guest house– from the bathroom with a jacuzzi tub to the kitchenette and built- in ironing board.”

Guest House After Remodeling


“The end result blended into the yard like it had always been there and gave us a fabulous living space for guests and family.  We appreciated the quality work HUGS Construction gave us as well as the help figuring out design details.”


Construction of New Driveway

“What an idea.  We never would have thought of it without the expertise and support of HUGS Construction.  The extra driveway HUGS built on our property gives us visitor parking and room for all the family cars!  Steve designed it artistically around the large eucalyptus tree and worked seamlessly with the building department.  We love the way that branch frames the entrance!”

Redo Driveway