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Eco-Friendly San Fernando Valley Landscape Ideas

If you live in the San Fernando Valley, you should be aware that we reside in the dessert, which has dry and hot weather. Because of that, not all greenery can survive in this heat. If you are planning on building or improving your San Fernando Valley landscape, read this blog for tips.

Eco-Friendly San Fernando Valley Landscape Ideas

1. Go Native – As a San Fernando Valley landscape contractor, I often get calls from clients about helping them with their landscape. When I arrive, I see a front and backyard full of dry and dying plants. Unfortunately, many people don’t take into account the fact that we live in Southern California when choosing their trees and plants. Some greenery requires shade and plenty of water in order to thrive. With the current drought in California, many cities are imposing a limit on how often residents can water their lawns, which severely impacts the health of certain plants.

eco friendly landscapeHowever, you can still create a beautiful landscape using trees, plants and flowers native to California. Better Homes and Gardens recommends the following choices: miniature hollyhock, California lilac, baby blue eyes, California poppy, fried-egg flower, among others. Choosing plants that are used to our specific climate not only helps the greenery grow beautiful and strong, creating an ideal landscape for your house, but also helps you save money on water bills as they don’t require as much water.

2. Permeable Paving – Permeable paving is a great idea for a sustainable landscape. Most homes have cement on the ground, which attracts the sun’s rays and gets very hot during the day. However, permeable paving creates surfaces with gaps so that rainwater, or water from sprinklers can re-enter the ground. Made up of porous materials, this surface comes in many attractive design and material choices. Landscaping Network provides a list of the choices: dry-laid pavers, which are stones laid over sand, bricks, crushed stone/ gravel, stone, ground reinforcement grids, which are mesh structures for planting, plastic mats and grass pavers.

3. Edible Garden – One of the best ideas for your San Fernando Valley landscape is to create an edible garden. There’s nothing more eco-friendly than growing food that you and your family can enjoy. Growing your own fruit and vegetables allows you to enjoy the freshest products right in your own backyard. Furthermore, you can avoid pesticides that are added to most conventionally-grown produce. Also, a garden can give your San Fernando Valley landscape a beautiful look with carefully chosen plants. For example, tomatoes, grapefruit trees, and others, seasonally grow flowers on their stems.

4. Go Solar – While most people are at work or hiding out inside the house during hot summer days, it’s incredibly relaxing to dine outside or hang out in your backyard in the evening. However, don’t waste electricity when installing outside lighting. Your San Fernando Valley contractor can recommend great solar lights for your specific needs. You can purchase a pack of solar lights that you can stick in the ground. These look great outlining your driveway or walkway. Solar rock lights are a fun idea for your backyard. During the day, they look like rocks, but at night they can light up your landscape.

5. Recycle – It’s always good to recycle! When it comes to your San Fernando Valley landscape, choose to reuse! For example, look around your house for things you can plant in. Reuse that water container, or old vase. Choosing to build an outside patio or pergola? Choose recycled lumber. Green Living Ideas states that “recycled plastic bender board never rots, it’s less costly than redwood, and it’s faster to install for decks and landscape edging.” Look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood to make sure the wood you are using for your landscape came from responsibly-managed forests.

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