About HUGS Construction

Stevie Ré of HUGS Construction, San Fernando Valley Construction CompanyHome Upgrade Services & Construction (“HUGS Construction”) is a full service San Fernando Valley Construction company providing new construction, remodeling, upgrading, emergency service, repair and maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

San Fernando Valley Construction

Originally known as Stephen Ré Construction, General Contractor, Stevie Ré, has operated his own construction company since 1993. The name “HUGS Construction” arose from HUGS clients who used the words caring, dependable and collaborative to describe their experience.  Many clients form a long- term relationship with the company and return for additional work over time.

Stevie Ré is a natural mechanic, artist and builder.   By the age of twelve he was being schooled by elder professionals in the trades who taught him to “do things right and get it right the first time.”

Stevie is a hands-on contractor who enjoys working closely with his clients.  He searches out the best material prices for each job and maintains a tight supervisory relationship with his team.

HUGS Construction employs experienced subcontractors that are carefully chosen.   Many of them have worked with the company since 1993 and all are licensed, bonded and fully insured in their own specialty.

In addition to his work as General Contractor, Stevie Ré adds his own expertise in custom door and window installation to the company.  When it’s time for finish carpentry, Steve makes sure every door opens and closes effortlessly and is properly fitted for long lasting operation.

HUGS Construction welcomes specialty projects and is known for sound proofing and acoustical sound treatment.  This has led to many projects associated with recording studios, health oriented therapy offices and home theatre applications.

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