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Archive for December 2014

How to Repair Water Damage Los Angeles Floors

If you have had a recent leak that has flooded your house, one of the first repairs you may need to make is to fix your water-damaged floors.  While big leaks are usually detected right away, smaller ones, such as those from leaking washing machines or toilets, can go on for months or years without…

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Los Angeles Landscape Ideas: Building a Koi Pond

A unique and eco-friendly Los Angeles landscape design idea is building a koi pond. A koi fish pond is built right in your backyard or garden to house Nishikigoi, ornamental Japanese carp. This pond is an affordable addition to most homes that offers several benefits and very little maintenance. Benefits of a Koi Pond in…

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How to Level a Floor in Los Angeles

One of the biggest issues owners of older homes face is a sagging floor. Most of the sagging typically appears on the downhill side of the dwelling, because structural foundations provide support for floors near the exterior walls. Although it’s not always problematic, it doesn’t look good and  walking on uneven floors can be annoying…

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