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Archive for October 2014

Curb Appeal Suggestions to Successfully Flip Your Sherman Oaks House

As a San Fernando Valley contractor, I work with real estate investors whose specialty it is to flip houses. Once an investor purchases a property, he hires my experienced construction team to make minimal or extensive upgrades, and then sells the house for a profit. After helping to flip houses in Sherman Oaks for over…

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Five Cheap Soundproofing Tricks That Work

As a Los Angeles soundproofing specialist, I get many calls from individuals and companies to help them with noise control. Some clients have a music studio in their house, while others simply have very loud neighbors. Businesses need soundproofing in Los Angeles so they can keep out the noise from individual workstations and offices. Depending…

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Green Exterior Remodeling Projects in Studio City  

My San Fernando Valley construction company’s specialty is making homes more green and eco-friendly. If you live in Studio City, there are many projects you can do to make your home greener. Installing eco-friendly upgrades is not only good for the environment, as you can save electricity and water, but good for your wallet, as…

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How to Repair a Collapsed Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA

How to Repair a Collapsed Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA One of the most expensive repairs to a house in Sherman Oaks, CA is due to a collapsed foundation. There are various reasons why a foundation can collapse, and foundation problems will significantly bring down the value of a property. Fortunately, there are usually ways…

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