Stevie Ré
Licensed and Bonded
Lic # B676959
(310) 486-7465

Clients for Life

Steve was very professional. We had him install 3 sets of French doors, an outside pergola, changed around and added interior and exterior lights and outlets, rewire and repair two old fountains in the front and back yards.

Steve was given a house key, and was able to work unsupervised while we were away. Upon our return home during each phase of the work, the job was clean and tidy, and our furniture and belongings were placed out of harms way and covered.

Steve was always prompt, kept his appointments, and never made us wait for meetings, weekends or evenings. Steve handle everything A to Z from design, engineering, permits, materials procurement, door ordering/delivery, and final inspection from the Simi building department. We would highly recommend Steve to anyone seeking a one of a kind craftsman that can be trusted 100% to your satisfaction.

Jim and Lori T.

Steve Re worked on our house in the Spring of 2012.  One thing that struck us was Mr. Re's friendly demeanor.  We wanted to replace all our window moldings and replace exterior trimming around our house.  Mr. Re arranged for scaffolding to be erected for our two story home.  Prior to replacing the molding and trim, he hand washed the exterior hardboard siding of the house.  For the molding, he used a composite material which ended up being a better material than the untreated wood that was originally used.  His crew did a fabulous job painting the molding and trimming.  To our delight, Mr. Re called a year later to see if everything was still in good shape.  Basically, the overall job was still in excellent condition.  He is willing to return to do some minor touch up work. We are very pleased with his work and would recommend him to anyone who might have a similar project in mind for their home.

Rod and Peggy K.

I have written this letter to provide an unconditional recommendation for the quality, reliability, honesty and fair pricing of Mr. Re’s construction work.  He was the job foreman for our home remodel at the above address in 2001 and since then he has provided us with guidance, recommendations and excellent workmanship on continuing improvements to our home.

Steve is knowledgable of the many aspects of modern-day construction and remodeling, and where he doesn’t have the answer to a particular problem he knows where to go to get it.  He is reliable; when he says something will be done and operate in a particular manner, it does.  He is honest; we have grown to trust him and his subs to work unattended in our home.  He is fair in his estimates and pricing.  As a result of these characteristics, Mr. Re continues to be our go-to man for all of our home upgrades.

We hope you have a similar rewarding experience in working with Mr. Re.

Carolyn & Charles M.

I had a major drainage problem in my yard. There was natural run off that was seeping into my lawn and turning it into a swamp. Steve designed a custom drainage solution that involved digging a trench and using a french drain system with piping, gravel, and drain boxes to catch the water before it ran off onto the lawn. Since this work was done I have had zero drainage issues.

Jeannine C.

HUGS Construction has completed numerous construction projects for me (both residential and commercial). Steve has managed the entire project life-cycle, from assisting with design, to demolition, all the way through finish carpentry. Steve, his employees and sub-contractors have always been professional and courteous.

I continue to use Steve to this day and highly recommend HUGS Construction to anyone who is considering a remodeling or construction project.

Sean W. B.

We've owned a home for 13 years now and can speak from the experience of getting work done and acting as the General Contractor on my own home's construction. HUGS Construction installed our entire kitchen in a day (despite other contractors saying it was impossible). Their attention to detail and doing it the "right" way really impressed me. Steve and his team truly care about their work and the final result which we haven't found to be the case with all contractors. They also prepared the work for a water specialiast for underground water issues that we were facing.

After the house settled in Stevie fixed all of the doors to make them close better. He is a master carpenter and knows how to make nearly anything work; from plumbing to electric to doors and windows to soundproofing and landscaping and grading. He also did the custom door in a sound proofed studio and the original windows. If you are looking for a contractor who has incredible experience, is reasonably priced and gets the job done on time and with quality results, then you owe it yourself to call Stevie at HUGS Construction.

Andrew and Michele B.